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A pen + letter opener that evokes a time when the pen was truly mightier than the sword. A bold, sculptural writing instrument.

1215 – The Inspiration behind

In today’s rapidly changing digital world I find comfort in having a few fine objects in my life that are tactile and sensual to the touch. I would like to share this object with you, the Twelve-Fifteen. It has been designed as a modern interpretation of the Quill and Ink well from a time not so long ago.

Quills were the writing instruments of our forefathers for hundreds of years.  When I am writing, sketching, creating with this pen, it reminds me of a romantic time when information was transferred at a much different pace. One with intimacy and meaning. For me there is no better way to capture my thoughts than with a pen. The flow of ink onto paper, has a tactile quality that slows down time, allowing me to gather my thoughts, questions and Ideas.

Twelve-Fifteen “1215” the name given to this object is derived from the year that the Magna Carta, written with a Quill, was presented to King John of England by the Barons of the land. They had had enough of his oppressive ways and demanded change, using the pen to trump his swords. This Magna Carta, or Great Charter has been referred to by historians as one of the leading documents to shape the western world we live in today. In fact the American Declaration of Independence,, is said to be built upon some of the same rules put unto King John back in the Thirteenth century.

The inscription on the Ink well of “1215” is positioned in the fashion of compass headings. The intention of this arrangement is to remind the user, that you are in control of your path, direction and destiny in life. With this pen, I ask you to take the time to write where it is you want to go, what you want to do, what is your Magna Carta?